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Engagement Ring 9Engagement Ring 9

Engagement Ring 9

Pretty Woman

Every woman is dreaming about the perfect diamond ring on her finger. Diamonds in our premium diamond rings can be selected from the world's largest online diamond stock market. The premium quality diamond ring enchants every woman as the glittering diamond in this 2.5 gram weight brilliant ring.
The brilliant glitter of the stunningly bright 0.25 ct (W / Vs) is one that will surely charm you in this diamond engagement ring. The other is the clever but tradition-preserving form that characterizes this brill ring in every millimeter.
At first glance it is not an old-fashioned type of solitary ring. The wavy crossbars of the ring cross and its sleeves are the trademarks of the modern form. However, the diamond ring of Pretty woman fantasy gives the impression of a purely solitary ring. The name choice is no coincidence, just like any detail of the diamond ring. We recommend this ring to every woman who would like to wear a diamond engagement ring that can be seen in the eyes of a subtle, modern, clean, but often blood-to-the-eye.
The ring is made of 14 carat white gold, but it can be made up to 5 days in the form of yellow or rosé gold, 18 or 22 carat gold, or if you want to enhance the specialty of platinum and palladium.
The indicated price is 0.25 ct G / Vs1 purple brilliant diamond, but it is possible to choose a diamond of other size, color or other sanding. These parameters show that Vs1 (very small) is the purity of brilliant inclusions (dirt) This value is in the upper third of the purity scale. In the case of color, G is the value in the upper third of the scale used to classify the white diamond.
The diamond jewelery application of Karl Jewelry is a perfect opportunity to individually choose the best brilliant we want to see in your imagined diamond ring. In addition to the above parameters in diamond search, diamond prices can be adjusted as a filtering option so you can find the most suitable gemstone for you.
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