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Lace-up diamond ringLace-up diamond ring
Lace-up diamond ringLace-up diamond ring

Lace-up diamond ring

Fire King

The sleek lace of the bridal dress and the nightdresses of winter nights lurking in the sleeveless greetings in this graceful 1 carat diamond ring.
The 14 carat white gold diamond ring weighing 4.3 g with a 2.44 carat W / VS purple brilliant is applied to the crown.
Compared to traditional solitaire rings, the central center follows a "halo" circle, with dozens of tiny brilliants sparkling the astonishing glitter of the 1-carat diamond ring.
We recommend this one-carat diamond ring to anyone who wants to feel like a true princess. Because this 1-carat diamond ring has no separate part and a prominent socket, the Fire King brill ring designed by Karl Jewelers is almost blunt to the wearer's hand and extremely comfortable everyday wear.


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