Karl Jewel

Diamond engagement rings

When crafting custom engagement rings for our clients we are dedicated to absolute uniqueness, making sure that we never create similar jewellery pieces.

Each ring has a personal touch and is created according to our clients` vision about the desired style, size and the gemstone fitting, usually a diamond.

With our combination of the latest design technology and superior craftsmanship will produce any idea you may have regarding your custom jewellery. You will not only be shown sketches of the desired ring but also a photorealistic 3D model of the design.

The engagement rings are traditionally fitted with precious stones, diamonds or brilliants and are usually made of gold, white gold or platinum. In Hungary today it is becoming more and more popular for the man to choose the engagement ring himself and present it when he asks for his partner`s hand in marriage. According to our traditions the groom should ask for permission from the bride`s father first. Naturally the engagement ring is not the wedding ring itself. The wedding ring –which will be worn on the ring finger of the right hand after the ceremony - is selected by the couple together.