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  • Diamond engagement rings

    Diamond engagement rings

    When crafting custom engagement rings for our clients we are dedicated to absolute uniqueness, making sure that we never create similar jewellery pieces.

    Each ring has a personal touch and is created according to our clients` vision about the desired style, size and the gemstone fitting, usually a diamond.

    With our combination of the latest design technology and superior craftsmanship will produce any idea you may have regarding your custom jewellery. You will not only be shown sketches of the desired ring but also a photorealistic 3D model of the design.

    The engagement rings are traditionally fitted with precious stones, diamonds or brilliants and are usually made of gold, white gold or platinum. In Hungary today it is becoming more and more popular for the man to choose the engagement ring himself and present it when he asks for his partner`s hand in marriage. According to our traditions the groom should ask for permission from the bride`s father first. Naturally the engagement ring is not the wedding ring itself. The wedding ring –which will be worn on the ring finger of the right hand after the ceremony - is selected by the couple together. 

  • Wedding Rings

    Wedding Rings

    Wedding rings: quality to last a lifetime and precision

    When choosing wedding bands couples usually focus primarily on the uniqueness and a reasonable price. Even though durability is usually not a priority we believe that wedding rings should be designed to last a lifetime and this is just as important as it`s timeless beauty or price range.

    Two people's love and respect for one another ultimately is fulfilled in the act of marriage. The wedding ring symbollizes an oath and to the outside world it also represents the lifelong commitment of the couple.


    The custom of wearing such a ring has always been present in most cultures although the material of the jewellery itself evolved throughout the course of history. 

    It is believed that the oldest recorded exchange of wedding rings comes from the ancient Egyptian civilization where the Pharaoh presented his mistress with a ring as sentiment of his love. 

    In Egypt and many other ancient cultures the circle was the symbol of eternity and wholeness. The people living in the valley of the Nile were greatly dependent on the river which brought them good fortune and happiness, thus their wedding rings were initially made of  hemp twisted and braided into rings. Unfortunately these rings didn’t last very long and soon were substituted with ones made of a more durable material, ivory.

    In 30 B.C. Egypt became part of the Roman Empire and the Romans also adopted this tradition. Their rings were primarily made of iron and rather than offering them to a woman as a symbol of love, they awarded them as symbols of ownership. Roman men would “claim” their woman by giving them an iron betrothal ring. As iron rusted easily it was replaced in the 3rd century by gold and silver.

    Modern technology saw the evolution of platinum wedding and engagement rings which also possessed aesthetic value.

    Despite its ancient traditions the wedding ring became popular and widespread in medieval times and was initially worn only by the bride or wife.

    It was not until the 13th century that the church used the ring – a symbol of the union of two people - for both the bride and groom in marriage ceremonies. Since the 19th century the simple plain band is commonly used, however nowadays endless varieties and decorative options are available. 

  • Platinum jewels

    Platinum jewels

    Karl jewellery is among those few Hungarian goldsmiths, jewellery makers and jewellery stores which not only trade with imported platinum products but choose to craft their own jewellery based on client requests. Working with platinum significantly differs from processing gold and requires additional equipment, skill and expertise. Unique in Hungary, we are able to pour platinum and as a result we can craft any jewellery from platinum which other goldsmiths are only able to create from gold. Using the computer software we can design your jewellery piece in excellent quality within a short time and later craft it by hand, decorating it with exquisite diamonds.

  • Jewelry design

    Jewelry design

    The jewellery industry has not remained unaffected by the technological advancements of our times. Although in Hungary the traditional methods and techniques used some 40-50 years ago still persist among goldsmiths, more developed countries have embraced new technologies. Such is the usage of 3D computer jewellery design. We design your jewellery and create a virtual 3D photo-realistic model which you can view from any angle and rotate as you wish. We also provide professional photo prints and videos from any perspective of the model to help you make your choice. At Karl jewellery your possibilities are literally endless when it comes to designing engagement or wedding rings.