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The world's best seller diamonds in one place.The diamond search application provides us with the perfect opportunity to find the perfect diamond seller for us. The Diamond Finder Database is, on the one hand, a list of diamond diamonds for diamond retailers on the one hand and the glittering diamonds on the world's largest online diamond trading system on the other. In this way, your orders are available on the one hand, and diamonds from almost all current vendors in the world are available in brill rings. On the other hand, all the stones of the domestic wholesalers can be found immediately on stock.
In the diamond finder you can choose the diamond ring design diamond shape stone (round, brilliant cut, heart shape, radiant, asscher, drop, marquise, oval, emerald, princess or just cushion sanding)
In addition to the abrasive shape, you can select the weight of the diamond caram which is essentially the size of the diamond. From the smallest diamonds (0.1 ct) it is possible to choose or buy up to 10 ct stone.
To choose the best matching diamond for us, it is best to choose the color that applies to white and its shades. On this scale, the brightest, so the highest category of the "D" color, to reflect the full translucent colorless, while the lowest, worst the "N" color, which is already a high nail yellow level. As the value increases, the price of the desired diamond increases as well.
In addition to the diamond color, the other most important factor is the purity of the seller's diamonds, the best of which is the FL, which is perfectly pure, while the worst value of I3 is a very tightly engraved stone with clear eyes with visible black inclusions and cracks that disturb the stone fire.
For those who want to choose their diamond ring stone to the smallest detail, it is also possible to set the grinding quality where the highest possible is "ideal" and the lowest value is "weak".
There is, of course, a possibility of price or inventory screening.
Since most of the customers are not a diamond expert, and although Karl's jewelry always exhibits its own guarantee mark and certification for each diamond diamond engagement ring, the almost all stones found in the system include some internationally recognized (GIA, HRD, IGI etc.) Diamond Certification can be found in the certificate column.
If you have any advice, information or expert opinion on the choice of a diamond seller, ask our diamond expert.
Since the system has hundreds of thousands of diamonds, the content corresponding to the filtering parameters can take up to 10-20 seconds.
Thank you for your patience.

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