Karl Jewel

The Karl Jewel

The Karl Jewel


Tradition and extremity

Diamond cutting and polishing is one of the most mysterious professions in the world. It is art and science at the same time. Art, as it highlights the shine of the raw stone, and science, because it requires incredible accuracy and calculations. How is the Karl Jewel brand related to these? Everything began with the diamonds…. Decades ago, György Karl diamond cutter founded the brand, which has become the symbol of artistic, high quality and exclusive jewelry since then. The only thing which might limit an original Karl Jewel is fantasy. may it be either a conservative, traditional style wedding ring or a special, extraordinary engagement ring, our unique jewels make each and every occasion perfect. our customers  desire outstanding quality, thus we offer them solely hand-made artifacts with high-level design. Our mission is preparing such high –quality jewels, which represent real value so that we can enjoy their beauty after decades as well.


 We provide lifetime guarantee for every Karl Jewel.


Products and services:

- Karl jewellery collection

- Jewellery design

- Bespoke (custom made) jewellery design

- 3D computer jewellery design

- Repair, stone replacement